5 reasons why your TICA annual subscription is worth the money

In this video, Rogier Uivel explains why buying from TICA is more advantageous than from other wholesalers. Prefer reading? Below the video, we have listed all the advantage

Why does purchasing from TICA pay off?

1. Flexibility in purchasing

At the trade fair and at most wholesalers, you are stuck with standard packaging units and/or minimum purchase quantities; at TICA, you buy by the piece! So you can take exactly what you need and are not left with surpluses that have to be sold off later. By buying by the piece, you can match your stock exactly to your customers’ demand, making you smart and efficient with your stock.

2. Improved margin opportunities

Buying from TICA is not only more flexible but also potentially more advantageous. Even at a conservative estimate of 10% loss due to markdowns and seasonal sales, the margin remains comparable to wholesalers. At higher percentages of loss, the benefit of TICA increases, significantly improving your profit potential. This means you can earn more for every euro you spend.

3. Risk reduction

With TICA, you reduce the risk of overstock and dead stock, as you can buy exactly what you need. This means less unsold stock to be sold at lower prices and therefore less loss of margin. By managing your inventory risks, you can improve your bottom line and save money.

4. Cost awareness

Although prices at TICA are typically about 10% higher than at wholesalers, this price difference is offset by the benefits of flexibility, dynamic choices and improved margin opportunities. This means that even if you pay slightly more per unit, you can ultimately achieve higher profits by buying smarter and minimising your inventory risk.
In short, TICA offers not only financial benefits, but also operational flexibility and strategic opportunities to take your business to the next level.

5. Dynamic options

With over 300 brands, TICA offers a diverse and dynamic selection of products. In three cash & carry’s of 55,000 m2 combined, you will find these brands each with its own shop-in-shop. With the wide range, you can easily respond to changing trends and your customers’ preferences. Always the latest and most attractive products tailored to your customers, keeping your shop in demand and boosting your turnover.

BONUS – plenty of inspiration

In addition to the five topics described above, we would love to help you be even more successful by sharing trends and knowledge. In 2024, you can visit TICA almost every month for workshops and seminars. From practical hands-on workshops such as flower arranging, window dressing and gift wrapping to knowledge sessions on marketing ins and outs, tax returns, HR issues and more!

This is what TICA members and exhibitors say about us

Binnenkijken bij - Loco Lama

Lotte – Loco Lama


“We buy from TICA like many other retailers, but by adding our own signature to it, Loco Lama looks like no other shop.”

BSIK in de spotlight

Barbara – BSIK

TICA exhibitor

“Years ago, there was not much focus on styling at TICA. Things have really changed; now it really is a must! The decoration of the stand and the presentation of products really increases traffic and sales.”

Binnenkijken bij Vintage Atelier

Suzan – Vintage Atelier


“I often then find beautiful products again at TICA that perfectly complement my range to complete the picture”.

In de spotlight - Kersten


TICA exhibitor

“We work in the shop-in-shop at TICA Aalsmeer. That is very fun and interesting because it gives us a lot of contact with customers.”

Diana – Stoop Furniture


“It’s nice that you don’t have to buy in bulk at TICA. That flexibility is ideal for retailers”.

In de spotlight MrsBLOOM

José – MrsBLOOM

TICA exhibitor

“The shop-in-shops at TICA Aalsmeer and TICA Venlo have been part of our regular B2B outlets for many years (since 2013 and 2015).”

And beyond that…

TICA nabestellen

Purchasing advantages

TICA members can buy by the piece from 300 brands with no minimum order.

PW Markets


TICA members have access to the various cash-and-carry branches.

tica openingstijden

Opening hours

All locations are open 7 days a week. Click here to view the opening hours.



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