scandinavian design interior

Scandinavian/ mix & match interior style  

The Scandinavian design interior style can be recognized by its light colours, sleek lines, and the use of natural materials. The interior style is cheerful, informal, creative, and welcoming. 

How do you create the Scandinavian/mix & match interior style? 

This interior style is all about the art of omission. Less is more! This is the ideal interior style to make your home appear bigger. The interior is radiates calm, simplicity, and functionality. This is particularly apparent in Scandinavian furniture, which is minimalist, functional, and of good quality. Furniture on slender legs, which keeps everything looking spacious, is a hallmark of this interior. The interior style creates an oasis of calm indoors. 

Use of materials 

In Scandinavia, nature is very important and this is also reflected in this interior style. Light-coloured wood is widely used in furniture, flooring, and accessories. The interior looks fairly basic and light but the use of soft materials injects warmth to the interior space. Right now, it is popular to mix the Scandinavian style with different styles, items, and textures. Mix & match and reveal your own style! 

Use of colour  

White and light colours abound in the interior space. As the sun sets early in Scandinavia, it is important for people there to fill their homes with light colours. If you want a classic Scandinavian design interior, make sure you only add one or two accent colours. If you want a mix & match interior with Scandinavian influences, you should mainly add in pastel shades such as green, blue, or pink. Personalize it with harmonious colour combinations and cheerful patterns. 

Target group 

If you give a lot of thought to your interior, this interior style is ideal for you! Presenting products by colour appeals to the target group for this interior style. The target group also changes the ambience with tweaks to the interior, such as new cushions on the sofa, or matching candles. The target group gets most of its inspiration from interior magazines. 

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