Interior designs

Are you going for expressive and colourful, industrial or rural and romantic? Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to interior design and living. At the inspiring locations of TICA Trends & Trade Do you have access to the extensive collection of home, gift, garden fashion and lifestyleproducts from over 300 brands! Success ensures that you will find what you are looking for or find what you have not yet searched for.

For TICA Trends & Trade you will always find a style that perfectly matches your wishes and needs. To help you with your choice, we have developed six living styles, each with its own characteristics and properties. View our living styles below and get inspired!

Romantic interior design

Rustic / romantic

urban interior design

Urban / eclectic

Industrial utilitarian design

Industrial / utilitarian

Modern Design

Modern / Design

Expressive colorful

Expressive / colorful

scandinavian design interior

Scandinavian / mix & match