Industrial utilitarian design

Utilitarian / industrial interior style 

The utilitarian industrial design is known for its utilitarian look and the use of rough materials. What sets an industrial interior apart is its unfinished look, with lots of open space, furniture with a vintage appearance, and industrial aspects. 

Creating a utilitarian industrial interior  

If you want to give your interior a utilitarian and/or industrial appearance, start by keeping the space open and uncluttered. By leaving bricks, scaffold tubes, metal, and concrete exposed, you create an unfinished look which embodies the interior style. Next, you fill the room with a few carefully-chosen, eye-catching items. Don’t forget to use utilitarian materials. 

Utilitarian design materials  

In the utilitarian/industrial interior style, robust items and unfinished materials abound, such as steel, concrete, stone, and rough wood. The materials are used mainly in vintage-looking furniture, industrial lighting, and utilitarian living accessories. Furniture in the utilitarian industrial design has character, has been heavily used, and has a history. It’s all about bringing this to the fore. 

Use of colour 

Typically, an industrial interior is anything but colourful. The use of materials determines the colour palette. Black, grey, and brown are dominant colours in this interior style. By combining the colours with warm earthy tones such as brown, cognac, and army green, you avoid the interior looking – and feeling – cold. The use of graphic elements, such as letters and patterns, is popular in this interior style. 

Target group 

People who harbour a desire to live in an old factory building, school, or other industrial property often choose the utilitarian/industrial interior style. The ambience created by this interior style can be compared with that of a New York loft apartment. The utilitarian feel and the open spaces in which the eye-catching industrial items are displayed are very important to the target group. 

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