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Founded in 1996 in Rotterdam, the interior wholesaler Pole to Pole utilizes the port area of this international city to gain inspiration for its collections, undertaking lots of travels to acquire furniture from all over the world. Pole to Pole is a true family business with a passion for travelling and manages every link in the supply chain: from product to end user. This enables them to guarantee fair trade and means they know where the products come from. Their goal is to create a unique place that gives people that warm feeling of home. The family is passionate in their efforts to combine contemporary fashion and rapidly changing designs with local craftsmanship from all over the world. Wholesaler Pole to Pole offers its extensive collection by combining unique and reproduced furniture from all over the world. They are keen to honour the different skills and craftsmanship found all over the world, and combine this with a wide range of chairs. The products showcase the wholesaler’s love for recyclable local materials, raw materials for example: shells, and high-quality materials.

Pole to Pole at TICA

Interior wholesaler Pole to Pole is one of the dozens of suppliers at TICA, a professional B2B cash & carry wholesale centre. The extensive range is aimed at retailers in the home, gift, kitchen, garden, and fashion sectors. More than 180 exhibitors have presented their extensive collections of home accessories, small furniture pieces, and gifts at TICA. Each exhibitor has their own area to present their products.