urban interior design

Urban/eclectic interior design

The urban eclectic interior design is characterized by its nonchalant air and playfulness. The interior style is full of life, exotic features, and unique discoveries. 

How do you create the urban/eclectic interior style? 

If you want to create an urban/eclectic interior, don’t be afraid of combining different styles and influences. In this lifestyle, not everything has to ‘stick to the rules’! In this lifestyle, vintage and botanical furniture and accessories abound. Combine unique designs, heirlooms, souvenirs, and interesting discoveries from faraway countries/regions, each with its own story. The interior is very vibrant and audacious! 

Use of materials 

Natural materials are essential in this interior style. There’s lots of rattan, wicker, and wood in furniture and accessories. In this interior style, the decorative furnishings are key. Wicker baskets, wooden furniture, floor/wall decorations, and various exotic souvenirs personalize your interior. 

Use of colour 

The urban interior design relies heavily on neutral basic colours in combination with green accents. These green accents are created with tropical plants. Above all, don’t hesitate to add colourful souvenirs to your interior. Make it playful and, most importantly, personal. 

Target group  

The urban/eclectic interior style appeals mainly to people who need to escape the daily grind. Comfort, love of nature, and influences from different cultures are the basic principles when adopting this interior style. The ambience created by this interior style is playful and cheerful, but also nonchalant. In this interior, you can relax and properly unwind. The interior style is best suited to a cosy apartment. 

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