De Weldaad Authentic Interior

Interior wholesale De weldaad Authentic Interior

Interior wholesale De weldaad Authentic Interior is a wholesaler originally founded in Amsterdam by Mirjam Verheijke. Mirjam designs and develops the products herself and sells them to companies in the Netherlands and abroad. She supplements these handmade products with unique and authentic items from India and Hungary. If you’re looking for artisan products with a unique story and history, be sure to stop by De Weldaad Authentic Interior at TICA. 

Interior Shopping at De weldaad Authentic Interior 

De Weldaad has an extensive collection of creative products and items for your home. These accessories feature a timeless design are made with natural materials according to traditional techniques. De Weldaad Authentic Interior combines home and lifestyle products with vintage finds. The collection includes furniture, chairs and stools, tables, cupboards, vases and glassware, knobs and hooks, candles and candlesticks, mirrors, decorative items, vintage items, pillows, blankets, rungs, bags, and baskets. 

De weldaad Authentic Interior at TICA 

Wholesale De weldaad Authentic Interior is one of the dozens of suppliers at TICA, a professional B2B cash & carry wholesale centre. The extensive range is aimed at retailers in the home, gift, kitchen, garden, and fashion sectors. More than 180 exhibitors have presented their extensive collections of home accessories, small furniture pieces, and gifts at TICA. Each exhibitor has their own area to present their products. The De weldaad Authentic Interior stand can be found in the pink hall at location B3 at TICA.