Go green, go sustainable this summer!

Sustainability is trendier than ever before! 

Think that sustainability is only for the back-to-nature freaks? Well, you’re wrong! Sustainability is trendier than ever before! People are starting to become more aware about the impact of our lifestyle on our planet. We are changing how we eat, we drive less, and we are buying solar panels like it’s going out of fashion. But did you know that sustainability can also be applied to your interior? And no, we don’t just mean adding some natural colours and woollen blankets… The possibilities for sustainable design are endless! Visit TICA Trends & Trade and discover how to give your interior a touch of sustainability!

Various durable materials

Sustainable design can be applied to your interior in various ways. Use home accessories made from natural materials such as reclaimed wood, natural stone, rattan, bamboo, hemp, sheep’s wool, recycled cotton, or lyocell. Recycled materials are also a good sustainable alternative. At TICA, we have an extensive collection of sustainable items ranging from sustainable ecological paint to wall decorations, pots, dried flowers, textiles, and cool small items of furniture. Sustainable certainly does not mean boring!

Duurzame ondernemers

Sustainable shopping route Aalsmeer

Several suppliers at TICA Trends & Trade are committed to sustainability, fair trade, and the reduction of their ecological footprint. Many of these suppliers even have a verified sustainability label. Check here which suppliers you need to visit for a sustainable interior and go green!