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WAUW Fashion

Buy bags, clothing, and accessories  

WAUW Fashion is a wholesaler of leather bags, fashion and accessories. This supplier is committed to designing products that are both functional and stylish. They are of good quality and, importantly, made with love. WAUW is synonymous with affordable, good quality products. The range comprises clothing, leather bags, jewellery & must-haves. Each year, this exhibitor works hard to bring out an on-trend summer collection, alongside its stunning collection of leather bags. In addition, each year they bring out a stunning, colourful silk collection including dresses, skirts & kimonos. The basic collection is supplemented each season with new lines, colours & materials. 


Each summer, this exhibitor boasts a large collection by Spanish brand Kbas in its range. The items include baskets and bags made from wicker, canvas and jute, and beach tunics. 

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