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Rustik Lys

Rustik Lys

The cosiest candles 

As utter candle lovers, Rustik Lys creates true eye-catchers. These candles are a great finishing touch to your interior design, but also make great gifts to yourself or others. This exhibitor is driven by a need to continually innovate with regards to candles, while maintaining its high quality standards. The exhibitor always ensures its products have its recognisable fresh and airy look. 

Lovingly made, honest and mostly artisanal candles 

Rustik Lys works with factories in Europe with which it has built relationships lasting many years. They take their work very seriously, and you can see this in the candles. They only use the best raw materials, sourced in Europe. While the wholesalers candles meet all the legally required certifications, did you know that they are usually much cleaner than legally required? The environment is one of the company’s high priorities, meaning that the factories continue to work on reducing their respective ecological footprints on a daily basis. This is Rustik Lys’ way of offering you carefree enjoyment of its candles. Lights off, and light the candles! 

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