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NiJaDo Beheer & Gifts

Gift collections that are a real feast

NiJaDo Beheer & Gifts is a wholesaler of food and gift items. Thanks to their products Pinda2Party and Sweet2Party – peanuts and sweets in a bottle – everyone can now enjoy their sweets hygienically and bacteria-free. This line of products, which the company developed itself, is rapidly being expanded with many new flavours, so there is something for everyone! You could even call it ‘COVID-proof snacking’ – hold the bottle in one hand, shake the contents into the other, and enjoy! In addition to Pinda2Party and Sweet2Party, at this stand you will also come across Chocolade2Party and artisanal fruit juices. Besides the standard range, this exhibitor also offers seasonal products for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Sinterklaas, and Christmas.

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