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Ceramics Limburg

Creativity and innovation, consistently remaining innovative; that’s Ceramics Limburg! Appreciation for the craft is at the core of their quality. Are you looking for ceramic pots, handmade vases, or candleholders? Then be sure to visit the shop-in-shops of Ceramics Limburg at TICA Aalsmeer and TICA Venlo.

Craftsmanship; the core of their quality

Since 1978, Ceramics Limburg has been the producer and specialist of machine-made and handmade ceramics. As a manufacturer, they supply earthenware and stoneware to numerous companies, retailers, and garden centers throughout Europe. This TICA exhibitor produces flower pots, vases, bowls, candleholders, and tableware. At TICA, you will find collections from the brands: Gina Da, Pots Only, and One Love. Despite the large-scale production, they never lose sight of the old craft. Quality, fair prices, and timeless products are their trademark.

Creativity & Innovation

Designed in the Netherlands and made in their own factories in the Netherlands and Portugal, they aim to provide their relations with quality, sustainable, and responsible ceramic products. Appreciation for the craft is, therefore, the core of their quality. Through years of experience and their own production, they can guarantee these qualities: functional, waterproof, durable & recyclable.

Summer collection

Twice a year, Gina Da, Pots Only, and One Love launch a new collection. Items that respond to the latest trends (such as TICA’s Urban Dust summer trend) are added to the existing collection. Many new products have been added to the assortment in the past period, so visiting these shop-in-shops is definitely worth it!


You can find Ceramics Limburg at TICA Venlo at A2.21. Additionally, this exhibitor is located at several halls in TICA Aalsmeer: Orange E6, Pink B6, Pink C3, Pink C7, and on the upper floor at TICA Projects. You can request a floor plan at the receptions of both locations, making your search for this exhibitor much easier.


Several times a month, the exhibitor is present at the respective shop-in-shops. However, if you want to make sure you can speak to someone from Ceramics Limburg during your TICA shopping day, please contact Henk Louwe in advance at +31 6 22501910 to schedule an appointment.

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