TICA Trends & Trade - Look Feel Buying Days - Voorjaar 2023

Design Talent: Jessica den Hartog

Young talent with a sustainable concept

Waste is hot. At least, if you recycle it in such a way that it gets a wonderful new life. And Jessica den Hartog shows you how to transform old material into a sustainable concept. During the Look, Feel & Buying Days, TICA likes to offer a stage to young talents. The designer therefore shows her striking collection at the TICA house ‘Design Talent’. Will we see you there?

Who is Jessica?

The designer makes graphic objects from waste. Colorful products to inspire and inform the user about the value of waste. As a designer, she takes care of the entire process herself; collecting, recycling and designing/producing the end products. The Creative Notes collection is a study into a personal font in color and shape. The letters are made from recycled plastic foil. The colors are original from the bottles of Glorix, Andrélon, etc. The letters are available as unica and they are printed as ABC poster, wall calendar and postcards on paper made from agricultural waste.


For three days you can admire and buy Jessica’s products at the TICA house square. Do you have a burning question, do you want more information about her business concept or are you curious about the face behind this sustainable concept? Then come by on Tuesday; then Jessica herself will be present. On the other two days you can of course buy her products at the relevant TICA house.

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