Summer trend 2022: TROPICAL GREEN

Living like you’re on a summerholiday!

Good vibes  

This summer trend is one that is full of good vibes. And what better way to get a good vibe than from lovely sunny summer resorts? That vacation feeling is reflected in colors, materials and the atmosphere in the interior and exterior this summer. With a spacious lounge sofa, an abundance of cushions, several rugs and a tapestry with palm trees on the wall, you are well on your way. A mixed green color palette combined with rattan, reeds and bamboo gives the feeling of a sunny tropical resort.   

Summer Souvenirs  

Souvenirs are increasing on popularity as decorations in interior and exterior. The emotional value of summer trinkets ensures that they are not easily trown away. Give your company or collection an exotic look by giving vacation souvenirs a prominent place. Collect them in a similar color so they combine effortlessly. If you can’t score souvenirs on vacation, simply buy them from the 300-plus brands at TICA Trends & Trade 😉 .  

Summer colors   

Two colors dominate this summer and will take you back to warm regions: emerald green and sandy yellow. The warm emerald is reminiscent of the green you see in the vegetation on a tropical island. This pronounced color shows up well with a neutral sand color. Therefore, use natural materials such as rattan, jute, bamboo or wicker.   

Shapes and materials  

Besides plants, green furniture and accessories bring tropical summer vibes into your home, collection or project. Pots and vases with different materials and textures; from matte to shiny, make it playful. In this setting, glazed and colored glass do very well. It becomes a whole by limiting the number of colors, so choose for example different shades of green.  

Summer starts in March!  

Summer starts in mid-March at TICA Trends & Trade, so you can get plenty of inspiration and buy the latest items even before the season begins. Stop by for your favorite summer collection at over 300 brands and make your interior project or collection summer-proof!

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