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Wholesale of home accessories

Handcraft is at the heart of Zenza, and collaborating with artisans is where their passion lies. When putting together collections, they always ask themselves if a product adds spirit to a space. Zenza is always searching for ways to turn a house into a home. It’s about creating a pleasant feeling, understanding how to set the right atmosphere, and – in our case – especially the art of playing with light. That’s what it’s all about at Zenza, and it makes their hearts beat faster!

They believe in the power of good intentions, and that’s why they work with their artisans in an ethically responsible way. Zenza’s own factory in Egypt provides safe working conditions and a fair wage to their employees. It’s important that they can develop and grow together with Zenza. For example, Zenza offers micro-credits to its workers so they can become owners of their workshop and be independent. They innovate together with them, while still honoring traditional craftsmanship with their products. So many creative minds and skillful hands have worked together on the Zenza collection that it has become a beautiful tribute to handcraft!

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