Lifestyle X Fashion 

Want to inspire and enthuse your customers again and again? Combine fashion and lifestyle in your business, shop, or styling project and give your turnover a boost! 

Attractive product combinations 

Focussing on just one sector went out of fashion long ago, and businesses are increasingly searching for related products to mix with their own ranges to create attractive product combinations. This approach has proven highly successful! The combination of fashion and lifestyle is the perfect match, and has become a mainstay in shopping areas. People like convenience, and combining different product groups is a good way to integrate with our busy lifestyles. There’s nothing better than going to the shop to buy a nice vase and purchasing a great pair of trainers as well. This ‘surprise’ effect is guaranteed to bring customers back to your shop, because they’ll want to know what else you might have to offer. 

No extra space needed 

Give your shop front an added boost by combining fashion with lifestyle. No problem! And it doesn’t have to cost you any valuable space. Result! Fashion items are a nice addition to your lifestyle range and give a homely feel to your presentation. Even if your current range is primarily fashion-oriented, lifestyle products are the perfect complement. The combination helps individual products to stand out, and can enthuse your customers twice over, in two different ways.  

Purchasing tip: ensure that the colours and materials of your fashion items match with the styles of the interior products in your shop. That way, you can integrate them nicely in existing presentations! Combining two distinct but related ranges gives your customers a complete picture, and makes it easier for them to make additional purchases! 

The perfect gift (for the holidays) 

With the festive season on the far horizon, many of your customers will be on the lookout for unique gifts for friends and families. Decoration for the home – for that festive spirit – is also popular at this time of year. How great would it be to find all of these products in one place? A combined, generous collection is perfect for customers looking for that special gift throughout the year. Who wouldn’t be pleased with the latest trends in interiors and fashion? 

One pass – three locations  

You will find everything you need at TICA Trends & Trade, from homewares to gifts, garden products, food items, fashion, and lifestyle. Shop for your unique collection at TICA Trends & Trade and increase your turnover by creating an inspirational display and offering your customers more variety of choice.