Fall trend 2022 | Artistic Flair

The love for the profession is evident in the Artistic Flair interior style! In a long period with a relatively empty agenda, we were able to get started with our hobbies. The result? A brand new trend with which we challenge you to search for your inner passion and creativity.

Discover your inner artist!

An artistic scene where imperfections are embraced; that’s what the autumn trend of 2022 is all about. Create a nice space where you can completely relax and at the same time be inspired to chase all your dreams. Curious about how you can reflect this living style in your interior or collection in a way that suits you? We give some tips.


The color palette of this trend that consists of soft and natural tones. Think of brown, sand, brique and all colors in between that give your interior a warm character. Our stylists have selected histor’s natural shades trout and loom for you. These colors form the perfect basis and provide a safe and secure feeling.

Shapes and materials

Create a nice contrast by mixing items with organic shapes and clean lines. In addition to graphics, this season also sees many soft, round, ribbed and wavy elements. For example, go for a wonderfully soft teddy armchair or design rug as a centerpiece that stands out in the stylish whole!

Within this trend we also see materials such as unprocessed wood, cotton or linen and organic ceramics in furniture and accessories such as candle holders, vases and figurines. It is precisely the combination of rough and refined that gives your interior an artistic touch. Imperfections are allowed and stimulate creativity