The way to create a Feng Shui shop or home interior  

Our stylists will take you into their world and give you seven tips to design your home or shop interior according to the timeless principles of Feng Shui.  

You can probably think of a house where you walked in and immediately felt at ease. There is a good chance that Feng Shui was involved, an age-old teaching that ensures a good balance of energy. By converting negative influences into positive energy, you create an oasis of peace. We have some tips for giving your shop or home interior some Feng Shui. 

+ a warm welcome 

Positive energy in your interior starts at the front door. The entrance hall is generally a space filled with junk – coats, shoes, bags, keys… Make sure everything has a place and the entrance hall looks tidy and organized. Good lighting and a friendly sounding doorbell can make a big difference to how someone else, or yourself, enters your home. 

+ a calm colour palette 

A calm, natural colour forms the basis of a Feng Shui interior. It is especially important in the living room, as this quickly becomes the most busy room of the house. Keep everything balanced by using warm, earthy tones. Do you want a little more spice in your interior? Add an accent colour with an earthy undertone, such as red 

+ gentle 

Organic shapes provide peace and structure in your interior. By combining this with cushions and soft, teddy fabrics, you give the whole interior a warm touch and create a positive atmosphere.  

+ mirrors 

There is no light that makes us as happy as daylight. By using mirrors, you can easily bring more light into your home, and make the room appear larger. Be aware of mirrors, because they double everything you see. Place them opposite a beautiful bouquet of flowers or that corner in your living room that you love. Pay attention! Don’t hang a mirror in a cluttered room, as this will double the chaos. 

+ neat storage 

Open cupboards and wall shelves quickly make a room appear cluttered and crowded. Store as much as possible in closed cupboards or out of sight. Make sure to organize your things as well. For example, by putting your keys in a fixed place, you will always know where to find them and you will be subconsciously calmer.  

+ plants as a miracle cure 

Plants are a miracle cure for our interior. They purify the air, have a positive effect on air humidity and provide oxygen. For a Feng Shui interior, choose flowers and plants with round leaves and regularly remove dead leaves.  

+ a Feng Shui shop interior 

Did you know that your shop design has a major influence on the purchasing behaviour of your customers? With a Feng Shui shop interior, you can create a harmonious environment that encourages people to buy. Make sure your customers have an overview of the whole shop when they enter, as this will draw them in. Choosing natural elements keeps the positive energy in your store for longer.  

When you learn more about the principles of Feng Shui, you will find it entails a long list of ‘rules’. Don’t get overwhelmed, just start small. With a few small adjustments, you can make your interior more Feng Shui and positivity will flow towards you.  

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