Wholesale Van der Leeden Mandwerk

Wholesale Van der Leeden Mandwerk specializing in basketry items for in and around the home, made from natural materials. These high-quality products are crafted with passion and care. Van der Leeden Mandwerk distinguishes itself through its outstanding quality and traditional style.

Buying from Van der Leeden Mandwerk

Van der Leeden Mandwerk specializes in traditional basketry, furniture, and decorative items with a sophisticated look and feel. The products are extremely durable thanks to their high quality and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The neutral and traditional look makes these products highly versatile and easy to combine with different styles.

Van der Leeden Mandwerk at TICA

Van der Leeden Mandwerk is one of the dozens of suppliers at TICA, a professional B2B cash & carry wholesale centre. The extensive range is aimed at retailers in the home, gift, kitchen, garden, and fashion sectors. More than 180 exhibitors have presented their extensive collections of home accessories, small furniture pieces, and gifts at TICA. Each exhibitor has their own area to present their products. The Van der Leeden Mandwerk stand can be found in the blue hall at location B2 at TICA.