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Buy velvet fabrics   

Bloemenbaas offers a collection of velvet fabrics under the name upgrade at Bloemenbaas. The velvet fabrics are versatile, you can do anything with them: upholster furniture, make curtains and pillows but also costumes! The fabrics are sold on a roll of 10m long and 1.40cm wide and are available in 22 different beautiful colors. In addition to the rolls of fabric, this exhibitor also offers ready-made curtains, cushions, armchairs and chairs that can be taken away immediately. In addition, they also sell neon LED lights with texts that match the label. These can also be customised.  

Buying flowers   

In addition to the beautiful velvet fabrics, Flower Boss also offers a collection of silk blossom trees and bouquets. These can be found in various places on the upper floor of our cash & carry in Aalsmeer. 

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