Lines by Tim

Hi! I’m Tim van den Thillart and I’ve been drawing and designing (what’s the difference) about all my life.

I’m a graphic designer, but before everything I’ve always been fascinated by metro systems, their diagrams (those are the maps with all stops, names, points of interest, etc.) and what their design means for a city.

So, I drafted quite a bunch of them – just for fun and to understand those networks better. And fair enough: I thought I could do a better job than most of the official ones out there.

The more metro networks I studied and drew for myself, the more I became to see that they are more than networks, that they do more than map out public transport: they are an icon for the city they belong to.

That is why I started designing minimalist city art. Because in my opinion the way lines flow an dplay together brings out the spirit of a city. Whether it’s by following river banks or metro lins, my designs provide you with a flowing simplified version of something as complex as the face of your favorite city, providing you with a calming sense of overview you probably never felt before looking upon your favorite city. And hopefully touching you straights in the heart!
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